Meet the Team!

Back row: Camilo, Jason, Akash, Bogdan, Manan
Computer screens: Evangelos, Nathan
Front row: Sam, Alex, Keuntaek

Evangelos Theodorou

Autonomous Control and Decision Systems Laboratory Advisor

“Our areas of interest are wide ranging within control and autonomy, however we want to explore the intersection between statistical physics and stochastic optimal control. “

Manan Gandhi

Fifth year PhD student

“My work consists of model learning and optimal control for a variety of systems from cardiology to aerial robotics.”

Keuntaek Lee

Third year PhD student

“My current research lies at the intersection of machine learning and robotics, especially safety-critical systems.”

Bogdan Vlahov

Second year PhD student

“My current research interest is perception-based controls for robot systems. I’m also interested in multi-agent perception and controls.”

Nathan Glaser

Second year PhD Student

“My research revolves around deep learning for robotic vision. I am currently working with Dr. Zsolt Kira on leveraging uncertainty in deep neural networks for multi-modal fusion and distributed perception.”

Jason Gibson

First year master’s student

“My research involves the study of autonomous control in RC cars.”

Sam Yi Ting

First year master’s student

“My research is based on the application of Model Predictive Path Integral on micro-quadcopters.”

Camilo Duarte

First year master’s student

“My current research interests are in optimal control and autonomy. Besides doing research I enjoy playing the guitar and learning about investing in the stock market.”

Akash Patel

First year master’s student

“I am primarily interested in game theory algorithms, specifically imperfect information games and aggressive whole-body control frameworks.”

Alex Oshin

First year master’s student

“My research involves the application of machine learning on the modeling of dynamical systems.”


Note: These individuals provided guidance in algorithm selection, sponsorship, public relations and literature review.

Matthew Houghton

First year master’s student

“I am interested in both the control and vision side of machine learning. Currently I am working on omni-directional research.”

Apoorva Beedu

Second year PhD student

“My research is on estimating object poses in unsupervised data set and videos.”